Our Story

Founding Ideas and Principles

Kaleidoscope began in 2013 as a program within First Christian Church (FCC) designed to reach the community in meaningful ways, and to offer support and connections that would result feeling more whole and loved.

At its inception, Kaleidoscope was an extension of the social justice and community work in which FCC had always engaged. It grew from a Facebook page in 2013 to on-the-ground support of existing programming in the community in 2014, and eventually piloted its own programming in 2015. In 2016, Kaleidoscope formally separated from FCC, and restructured as a federally recognized nonprofit.

Timeline/Notable Accomplishments in Kaleidoscope’s history

  • 2015

    Scorpion Bicycle Club

    Supported and piloted programming and partnerships with Scorpion Bicycle Club.

  • Trinity Institute on Economic Justice

    Supported and Facilitated the 2015 Trinity Institute on Economic Justice.

  • October Seminar Series on Border Justice

    Planned and hosted the 2015 October Seminar Series on Border Justice.

  • Bicycle Expedition

    Completed the 2015 Kaleidoscope Bicycle Expedition (#KBE2015).

  • Scorpion Bicycle Club Fundraiser

    Successfully fundraised for #KBE2015, end-of-year rides, ongoing programming, and supplies for Scorpion Bicycle Club, and nonprofit startup costs.

  • Launched Web Series

    Launched a web and in-person series designed to uplift marginalized voices in our community.

  • Summer House Concert Series

    Piloted our yearly flagship fundraiser, the Summer House Concert Series, which hosted six shows highlighting local talent and generated over $2,000.

  • Enrolled Over 30 New Members

    Enrolled over 30 community members in the vision and mission of Kaleidoscope, whom have donated approximately 350 hours to the organization from 2015 to present day.

Our Approach

Vision & Mission

At Kaleidoscope, our vision is creating a world where lives are seen, heard and valued. And in the process, people experience a greater sense of joy, fulfillment and a vibrant life in the borderlands. Our mission is to find and meet the needs of our community.

What We Do

​Kaleidoscope exists to illuminate the needs of our community and create connections that support and result in an integrated community. We do this by investigating and identifying gaps in essential services available to our most vulnerable community members, and facilitating collaborations with and among existing organizations to fill those service gaps.

Our Principles

We at Kaleidoscope commit to conduct our work and develop relationships in our community by upholding and promoting seven key principles:

  • Creativity. Kaleidoscope utilizes imagination, original ideas and seeks fresh perspectives to address gaps in the community needs.
  • Dynamic Teamwork. Kaleidoscope is characterized by the ability to change, activate new and innovative practices, and stimulate growth and connection in our community.
  • Encouragement. Kaleidoscope stimulates the development of activities and beliefs in our community that give individuals and organizations support, confidence, and hope.
  • Attentive Listening. Kaleidoscope always listens. We will listen to people, programs, organizations and systems in place in our community to understand, identify and create community connections that are holistic, dynamic, encouraging, creative, spatial, and relational.
  • Personal Relationships (Relational). Kaleidoscope considers the way people, programs, and organizations are connected to leverage the most support and energy for our work in the community.
  • Spatial Awareness. Kaleidoscope recognizes the importance of creating spaces (man-made surroundings that provide the setting for human activity) that facilitate healthy physical, mental, and spiritual well-being in our community.
  • A Holistic Approach. Kaleidoscope prioritizes the well-being of ‘interconnectedness’ in our policies, procedures, and programming.

Our Leaders


Daisy Maldonado


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Renee Huber

Renee Huber


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Jorge Rodriguez

Member at Large

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(575) 208-4828
P.O. Box 1122 | Las Cruces, NM 88001
kaleidoscope creates is a 501(C)3 organization

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